Safe Water for Schools

Pledge and petition to get your child's school drinking water tested.

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Nationwide, the average age of school buildings dates to the early 1970s. It was not until 1986 that lead pipes were banned, and it was not until 2014 that brass fixtures were ordered to be virtually lead-free.

Schools required to conduct lead testing represent only about 1 of every 10 schools in the country. Those receiving their water from city-owned systems — an estimated 90,000, according to the EPA — are not required by the federal government to do so.

What can we do?

Toxin Alert has launched the "Safe Water for Schools" campaign to empower any parent, concerned citizen, or organization to petition and crowd-fund the annual testing of the drinking water of their neighborhood schools or child care facilities.

Sign Petition

Sign the petition to urge your school to get comprehensive annual drinking water tests.
Share this with your community so that they can also sign, pledge, and support.

Donate to Test School Water

Donate to crowd-fund comprehensive drinking water testing kits (twice per year) to your local pledged schools. (Donations may be tax deductible, pending 501c3). Upon reaching crowdfunding goal for a school, a special water sampling kit will be sent to a designated person to collect water samples from a given school, and after receiving the returned samples at the laboratory, the samples will be tested and results available within 10 days.

Alert Your Community

The test results will be available to petitioners and crowdfunding donors, as well as published on the Toxin Alert Map so that anyone can view the results.

Find Your Local School to Begin

What we hope

We are doing this to equip as many people as possible with the knowledge necessary to protect their children and communities from the harmful short and long-term effects of unsafe drinking water.

Toxin Alert hopes that with increased community awareness, pledges from socially minded individuals will eventually be supplemented or replaced by annual pledges from PTAs, local businesses, and corporations.

Reaching this goal starts with sharing the campaign with other parents at your child's school. Please share this campagin.