Routine government testing on public water systems ( the source of your home water) including well, stream, and ground water are somewhat limited and slow because it takes time for reports to be collected and sent to health departments.for publication. As seen with the Flint water crisis, it can only take few months of consuming water that exceeds the EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level to cause harm to your family’s health and that of the community.

The articles below outline the current concerns and problems of public water systems in United States:

  • Contaminated drinking water is rated a ‘SERIOUS’ concern by an overwhelming 89% of Americans, with 70% of Americans polled saying it is ‘EXTREMELY SERIOUS’ or ‘VERY SERIOUS’ - Kaiser Family Foundation
  • Over 2000 drinking water systems across all 50 states serving over 6 million people nationwide have yielded toxic lead levels - USA TODAY
  • In 2015, 18 million people were served by water systems with any federal lead and copper violations - NRDC
  • 350 schools and day care centers have been found to have high levels of lead in their drinking water between 2012-2015 - USA TODAY
  • Government data from EPA is incomplete, and many water systems failing to report. - GAO


TOXIN ALERT is the first digital geo-social network for clean water supply and combined public water alert system, developed to empower citizens and communities with the critical information required to protect public health and prevent future toxic drinking water epidemics.

TOXIN ALERT combines:

  • Mapping and analysis of data from the EPA, USGS and state governments
  • Public citizen-contributed and certified laboratory testing of drinking water nationwide
  • Critical alerts of new toxin water data near your home
  • The power of citizen-driven reporting and alerting by TA supporters to local neighborhoods and state/federal governments.
  • Our Safe Water for Schools campaign empowers anyone to petition and crowd-fund the testing of drinking water quality of their local schools.

Overall, Toxin Alert, leverages the power of social networks to enable citizens across communities in America to collectively protect their families and community from drinking water pollution, working together for local and national influence and impact on government.

How it works

Sign up for alerts of new drinking water alerts near you and Test you drinking water.
All tested reports will be uploaded and marked on our Toxin Alert Map anonymously.
Share findings with your friends, families, and neighbors to watch our environments together.

Each individual's test report will benefit their community. If any report that finds tested contaminant(s) exceed EPA's guideline, signed up users will be alerted instantly. It’s the power of the crowd!

Join Us

Receive email updates & alerts if any of long term health threatening contaminant found near your home.

  • Save multiple locations (your friends and family, your child’s schools, and etc.) to get alerts
  • Get updates on latest EPA’s data release
  • Track your own water testing results

Test your water & support us

We have developed a water testing kit designed for this campaign. This water testing kit tests for key heavy metals in water that are known to be the most threatening contaminants for long term health. These include Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, and Total Chromium.

Your test result will be posted on our Toxin Alert Map, and stored in the National Drinking Water Database that will assist Federal/State/City governments to act on it. By doing so, your neighbors or nearby communities will be educated on what is in their water from your reports and may motivate them to test their own water, which will benefit others too.

More importantly, you will know what is in your drinking water, so that you can make informed decisions for the better health of you and your family.

Test your water

Have you tested your water previously? We will upload your data into Toxin Alert Map so that it can help your neighbors and community.

Submit my test result

Your water test donation to your community may be eligible for a tax deduction (pending receipt of our 501c3 status by the end of 2017). Please donate and support this nationwide community effort to protect the public health and prevent future toxic drinking water epidemics.


Who are we?

We are a team of public health scientists, medical researchers, software engineers, and parents who have come together to prevent future toxic water epidemics. Toxin Alert is led by leading Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding. Toxin Alert is an initiative of the Future Health Foundation, a non-profit organization, with pending 501c(3) status.

Our goal is to bring digital health information to the public and media, and improve transparency of government and private data for the public. Our target is to directly save at least 1 million IQ points of children by preventing the drinking of lead contaminated water.

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